Double Happiness of Zhiyang Innovation in 2022 New Year!



In the morning on February 8, Zibo High-tech Zone held the 2022 "quality improvement ahead" action mobilization meeting.

Enterprises and advanced individuals with outstanding contributions in the high-tech zone were commended in the meeting. Zhiyang Innovation won the "2021 New Economy Leading Enterprise with Outstanding Contributions" award. Liu Guoyong, the chairman of the company, was invited to attend the meeting and came to the stage to accept the award as an award-winning representative.


Thanks to the Zibo High-tech Zone Working Committee for its recognition to Zhiyang Innovation, Zhiyang Innovation will actively respond to the seven major actions of "Quality Improvement Ahead" in the High-tech Zone, implement the meeting requirements of "Quality Improvement Year", give full play to the role of a model and continue to the development strategy with technological innovation as the core, accelerate the promotion of AI digital technology to help the digital transformation and development of traditional industries, and make greater contributions to the transformation and upgrading of Zibo City by "giving intelligence" and "adding new power"!


On February 10, the 2021 Third "Influence Zibo" Annual Economic Figure Awards Ceremony jointly organized by Zibo Enterprise Confederation, Zibo Entrepreneurs Association, and Zibo Radio and Television Station was held in Zibo Radio and Television Grand Theater. Liu Guoyong, chairman of Zhiyang Innovation, was awarded the honorary title of the 3rd "Influence Zibo" Annual Innovative Figure in 2021.

Liu Guoyong, the Chairman, led the company to drive technological innovation with cutting-edge technologies such as "big, cloud, material, mobile, and intelligent", and successfully applied new-generation digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data to business fields such as electric power, water conservancy, rail transit, and emergency management. The company has always adhered to scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development, and has more than 380 independent intellectual property rights, and 16 technological achievements have been identified as international leading, international advanced or domestic leading level.


At present, it is a critical period for Zibo's transformation, upgrading and leapfrog development. Zhiyang Innovation will surely shoulder the responsibilities entrusted by the new era, continue to adhere to the road of scientific research and innovation-driven enterprise development, forge ahead and create new achievements, and make new and greater contributions for nirvana of phoenix and accelerate development in Zibo.

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